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The Best PHOTOS ALBUM on World Class SAINT ANDREW'S SCHOOL (Boca Raton, Florida USA)

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La France à 200 ans de retard !!!
Une ECOLE PRIVEE " Made in USA " du Top 10 MONDIAL unique au MONDE (Le SPORT-ETUDES " à la Française " du 23éme SIECLE) !!

The Best PHOTOS ALBUM on World Class SAINT ANDREW'S SCHOOL (Boca Raton, Florida USA)

Welcome to the Home of the " Scots " (One of the Best School in the World) !!


Scots Banner

Aerial view of St Andrews School !!

Aerial view of St Andrews School !!

Aerial view of St Andrews School !!

Main entrance of the 81 acres (330 000 m2) CAMPUS !!

Security " Private Police "

Parking Lot

Staff live on the CAMPUS !!

Staff live on the CAMPUS !!

Suprenant Hall

Parent's Guide


SCOTS Competing at World Level !!

Malnik Family Athletic Center " Home of the SCOTS "


Scott Family Gymnasium

Boys Varsity Basketball Court

John O'CONNELL Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach/Head Cross Country Coach/Physical Education Teacher

Basketball Game @ Home

Basketball Game @ Home

Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball Court

Girls Varsity Volleyball Court

" GO SCOTS !! "

" Auxiliary Gymnasium " or Gymnasium # 2 !!
Boys/Girls Freshmen & Junior Varsity Basketball/Volleyball Court

" Auxiliary Gymnasium " or Gymnasium # 3 !!!
Boys/Girls Freshmen & Junior Varsity Basketball/Volleyball Court

Indoor Climbing Wall

Hazard Family Sports Health Care Center

Brockway Family Fitness Center

Wrestling Room

Wrestling Coach

Wrestling Meet

Varsity Lockers in Milby Locker Room (Boys) and Bachrodt Locker Room (Girls)

" Bella Figlia " Dance Studio

Duff Tyler Aquatic Complex

Sid CASSIDY Aquatics Director & Head Varsity Swimming Coach

Pool Pan View !!

Visiting Team before a Water Polo Meet

Visiting Team during a stretching routine before a Water Polo Meet

Water Polo Game

Swimming Warm-up Lanes

Water Polo Warm-up area

Family and Friends in the stands

Track & Field Team

Track & Field Complex

Track & Field Complex

Cross Country Race

Soccer Fields

Booster Club & Athletic Pavilion

(l-r):Reb Mariano, Asst. Coach Jack Bailey, Clay Fender, Joey Brander, Tony Russell, Head Coach Scott Williams, Nicky Mill, Ross Weissman, Andrew Dykeman, Asst. Coach Chris Evert, Glennon Schafer
Boys Varsity Tennis Team

Scott WILLIAMS Director of Tennis

Tennis Courts

Softball Field

Lacrosse Field

Banyan Trees

Lower School Science Garden and Playground

Lower School Outdoor Basketball Court

Chapel View

Upper School Courtyard

Parker Library

Upper School Students

Saint Andrew's House

Chapel of Saint Andrew the Apostle

The Ritz Carlton Palm Beach Hotel

Palm Beach Golf Club

This " one-of-a-kind " photos album as been made in 2012 by Fred BULLOT ©


" MY GOAL : To inspire and enable French Student-Athletes to achieve excellence in sport and in life ! "

Founder of Top Training USA a Non-Profit Organization created in 1992 in order to Promote the Best World Class American Sports Camps; as well as to encourage Cultural and Sporting Exchanges in between France & USA !

World class French expert of the American Student-Athlete culture, concept & network !

In the last 30 years I did more than 80 trips (minimum 15 days to 2 months) to the USA and have visited the 300 best world class institutions > NCAA / JuCo / Boarding / Prep Schools & Private High Schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Florida, Miami, UNC, Duke, Ravenscroft, St Andrews School, Exeter, Andover, Etc ..).

Former Agent in France of :

Five-Star Basketball Camp, Inc.
Eastern Invitational Basketball Clinic, Inc.
Nick Bollettieri / IMG Academies, Inc.
International Tennis Academy, Inc.
Bucky Dent's Basketball School, Inc.

Presently International Scout/Private Tennis, Basketball, Swimming & Fitness Coach.

Born in Paris, Dec 29th 1958 Ex Semi-Pro Triathlete (# 29 in France in 85), National level Marathon (2h36') & Semi-Marathon (1h09') Runner of the World Famous Racing Club de France, Ex Regional level Swimmer (1'01'' > 100 m freestyle/Club des Nageurs de Paris), Ex Regional level Tennis Player (15/1 > RCF), Ex Regional level Volleyball Player (R2 > La Française AC).

Partly Educated in the USA [4 Years of Primary Shool at Brooktondale Primary School/NY & 2 years @ UCLA].

Since 1992 THE Pioneer in Europe for the Placement of French Student-Athletes in Elite High Schools/Junior Colleges and # 1 American High Schools/Colleges & Exposure Camps Expert in Europe !

Depuis 1992 LE Pionnier du Placement d'Athletes de Haut Niveau aux USA ainsi que l'Expert # 1 en Europe des Camps d'Expositions et Etablissements Sports Etudes Américains !


TEL # 01 45 35 69 95

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